Splitting Colours Jewellery Launched its Latest Collection of Tourmaline Fine Jewellery over Exclusive Private Event

(Hong Kong, 10 March 2023) Independent affordable luxury jewellery brand, Splitting Colours Jewellery (the “Brand”), officially launched its latest collection at an invitation-only event that took place at Tai Hang on 9 March 2023, extending the Brand's “playfully-elegant” style throughout the new collection of 20 items. 

Caption: The Fusion Ring - 1.08ct Indicolite Gradient Tourmaline

The new collection features six of the Brand’s signature design rings from "The Classic Collection", and the comeback of its highly sought-after indicolite series. "The Cyclone Collection", probably the boldest, most playful sets of designs of the Brand thus far, was also introduced, incorporating different elements such as turquoise, mother of pearl, and tsavorite to blend with the featured tourmalines. The latest release also includes an iconic paraiba tourmaline 18K white gold diamond ring, as well as a new addition to "The Traverse Collection", the signature of which comes from the artfully-crafted diamond arch that separates the bi-colour gemstone in a way that exudes engineering aesthetics.

Caption: The Traverse Ring - 2.59ct Watermelon Tourmaline

During the event, Splitting Colours Jewellery also showcased a portfolio of natural gemstones hand- picked by Founder and Chief Product Officer, Ms. Vincee Yip (“Vincee”), as well as some fine jewellery items crafted by the same team of artisans behind the Brand.

“Yes, we are non-mainstream. We pride ourselves in being the first independent brand in Hong Kong that specializes in the crafting of bi-colour tourmalines fine jewellery. Splitting Colours Jewellery is catered to individuals who, instead of being spoon fed about what they should wear, would opt to reach out and discover what they truly want in a jewellery piece they wear. Our design is minimalistic, allowing each of these natural gemstones to speak to its future owner,” says Vincee, “We also take this opportunity to feature some of the fine jewellery pieces as curated in our “Beyond Tourmalines” collection, as a tribute to the artisans who have been dedicating so much to maintaining the highest quality of affordable fine jewellery under our Brand.”

March 2023 marked the first year anniversary since the Brand’s opening of its brick-and-mortar shop in Causeway Bay of Hong Kong. As a brand that seeks to explore creative possibilities of natural bi-colour tourmalines, Splitting Colours Jewellery strives to maintain a wide collection of bi-colour tourmaline fine jewellery here in Hong Kong. All of the Brand’s jewellery pieces are made of 18K solid gold. While natural diamonds can be found in some of the designs, they are just the supporting pieces to the mindfully-curated tourmalines.

Owing to the unique colour configuration on each natural bi-colour tourmaline gemstone, the Brand’s design for every item has to be customized accordingly. As Vincee concludes, “It is almost impossible to find two identical pieces. Each item under our Brand involving bi-colour tourmalines is, essentially, one-of-its-kind.” 




About Splitting Colours Jewellery

Splitting Colours Jewellery is a Hong Kong-based independent affordable luxury jewellery brand that specializes in a natural, non-mainstream, coloured gemstone called tourmaline. The name is originated from the fact that the entire collection of our branded jewellery centres around bi-colour tourmalines, while diamonds are oftentimes just the supporting pieces. Design is minimalistic, which makes our items perfect for everyday wear. Our brand caters to individuals who are not afraid to take calculated risks. As they take an independent outlook to life, they are not defined by the mainstream and are bold to take on creative possibilities beyond the “boundaries”.

About the Founder

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ms. Vincee Yip graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mathematics and Statistics. Prior to her professional pursuit of gemmology and the founding of Splitting Colours Jewellery, Ms. Yip had spent over a decade with WPP group in the quantitative marketing research field. Ms. Yip is primarily responsible for product and brand development for Splitting Colours Jewellery. She is the dedicated curator of every single gemstone in our store and the hearts and mind behind every bespoke and creative project entrusted to her by our clients.


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