List of Past and Present Partnering Brands of Saai2璽 by Splitting Colours Jewellery Loyalty Programme

We are glad to have worked with a growing list of partnering brands offering members of our Saai2璽 by Splitting Colours Jewellery Loyalty Programme exclusive privileges from time to time.

Pure Yoga / Pure Fitness

Established in 2002 and headquartered in Hong Kong, The PURE Group is the leading premium lifestyle brand in Asia, comprising PURE Yoga, PURE Fitness, KURIOS, nood food, PURE Nutrition, and PURE Online. The Group is dedicated to helping people achieve their wellness goals.



Kimature is a leading fragrance and skincare brand from Hong Kong that has been widely regarded by media as the first Hong Kong brand that specialises in white jade orchid perfumes. For many of those who grew up in this cosmopolitan city, the scent of white jade orchids often brings back lots of fond childhood memories in Hong Kong.


日光工作室 Solight Studio

“Sol-light", with a warm atmosphere. Since its establishment in 2019, with a focus on a studio, we have explored from whole cakes to bread; from storefront sales to participating in local markets, as well as collaborating with different units for activities. Through our passion for baking, we convey the feeling of "sol-light" which warms the souls of eater.